Craft Chocolate

Cocoa, or Theobroma Cacao to give it its scientific name, only grows in hot climates 20 degrees north or south of the equator. This happens to coincide with some of the poorest countries in the world and means that many cocoa farmers struggle to make a living.

The chocolate we source is made from higher value, finer flavour beans and is often directly traded with the farmers, cutting out the middle men. This means farmers earn more money and you get a better tasting bar of chocolate. Smiles all round.

The journey from cocoa tree to chocolate bar is not complex, but it requires several steps, each of which require careful treatment to get the best from the finished product.  This guide shows how bean to bar chocolate is made, looking at every step of the chocolate making process.

Artisan chocolate makers often deal directly with cocoa farmer cooperatives, giving them a say in how the beans are treated from the moment they’re harvested and ensuring the best possible price for cocoa farmers in some of the world’s poorest regions.

The care, skill and attention to detail of everyone involved in making the chocolate in your Cocoa Runners box is what makes it special. It doesn’t just taste good, it does good.

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