Ultimate Brownie Box

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This is the ultimate decadent treat.  Order this for a gift for a friend, family or colleague.  Or, just for yourself.  All 6 of these brownies go well with your favourite hot drink and can easily be made into a dessert by adding vanilla ice cream.  We will change the flavours every so often, current flavours are:

Ultimate Almond BrownieA dense and fudgy brownie made with pure 72% decadent Chocolate and Almond Flour. This is our purest brownie with no inclusions and a light flaky top. Made with ingredients that don't contain gluten. Allergens: Egg, Almonds

Morello Cherry BlondieA fudgy white chocolate blondie with super-size chunks of white chocolate, laced with whole morello sour cherries throughout. We've topped it with a white chocolate flick and crushed freeze-dried sour cherries to give it that extra cherry kick. Allergens: Milk, Soya, Wheat, Egg

Hazelnut Praline Brownie - This handsome raw brownie is rich, dark and dense. Fudgy chocolate brownie is packed full of delicious whole hazelnuts and decorated with hazelnut and cocoa nibs. As it's sweetened entirely from whole dates, this brownie is as nice for you as it is naughty. Eating brownie never felt so good! Allergens: Hazelnuts

Super Dark BrownieThe intense chocolate 'whack' to the palette is balanced out beautifully with the bite of cocoa nibs and Maldon sea salt flakes. Suitable for Vegans and chocoholics alike! Allergens: Wheat, Soya

Rose & Raspberry BrownieThis rich chocolate truffle cake is delicately infused with rose water and studded throughout with delicious whole raspberries and pieces of 70% dark chocolate. Allergens: Wheat, Oat

Espresso Caramel BrownieAn intense espresso hit with top-notch chocolate and our signature gooey caramel. Made with a finely ground Ethiopian coffee Biftu Gudina. Allergens: Milk, Egg, Soya

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