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For every bar sold, Original Beans plant a tree. Phillip Kauffman, WWF conservationist and chocolate entrepreneur and his team are dedicated to replenishing resources so easily annihilated in the cocoa industry. Their passion has inspired Original Beans’ protection of endangered wildlife, the tripling of farmer incomes, and the production of the first climate-positive supply chain. When you bite into a square of Original Beans chocolate, you are actively paving the way for a more sustainable and more just future.

But just how good is that square of chocolate? Well, some of the world’s best 50 chefs work with Original Beans chocolate. Both the beans and the bars are the proud bearers of a plethora of awards. Indeed, they have preserved seven heirloom and regional cacao varieties, some of which were nearing extinction and are harvested only by this organisation. So, not only is that square of chocolate mouth-wateringly flavoursome, but unique in taste.